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   The need for supplementation has never been greater. As the fast food and processed food industries gain momentum, the need for supplementation also increases. The nutritional level of these foods is questionable at best. The starting point for anyone taking supplements should be one of Hillestadís natural source multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulas. These give you a balance of all the nutrients you need every day. End your day knowing that what nutrients you did not receive from your diet, you supplied with one of Hillestadís natural source multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulas. Hillestad Pharmaceuticals, a family owned company, was started in 1959 and now has over 40 years of quality and experience. Hillestad is recognized internationally as a leader in nutritional supplements. These vitamins are guaranteed unconditionally and you are invited to tour the plant in Woodruff, Wisconsin.

For detailed content or further information of any product you may either contact the webmaster at Webmaster@prairiemporium.com or visit the Hillestad website at www.Hillestadlabs.com.

Sea-Plexš  Found in the oceans is an almost boundless source of important minerals and trace elements. Plants that grow in the ocean are rich in these important minerals and trace elements. Our multi-vitamin and multi-mineral formulas contain Sea-Plexš.


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