U.S. Army Military Police School (USAMPS)
MPI (Military Police Investigations)

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DA PAM 351-4, US Army Formal Schools Catalog, Army Regulation 190-30, Military Police Investigations, Course Number 830-ASIV5

Course Manager:

ERIC L. JACKSON, SFC, USA, MPI Course Manager, jacksoneR@wood.army.mil, (573)596-0131 ext. 3-7787, DSN: 676-7787.

Course Description:

     The Military Police Investigator Course is an eight week course taught here at USAMPS.  We train military police investigators for the U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense and Allied Nations. Military police investigator candidates receive expert instruction in:

  • Criminal law
  • Family advocacy
  • Crime scene processing
  • Testimonial evidence
  • Investigations of crimes against person and property
  • Physical evidence
  • Drug investigations
  • Investigative reports
  • Special investigative techniques
  • Protective service
  • Computer and economic crimes

     Army personnel interested in becoming military police investigators, follow procedures outlined in Army Regulation 190-30. Members of any other branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, follow guidance from your chain of command. Civilians employed as investigators, who meet prerequisites of Department of the Army Pamphlet 351-4, need to follow guidance from your major command and local civilian personnel office.

** The Army Physical Fitness Test will be administered to all Army students at the beginning of the Course. Passing the APFT is a graduation requirement. Air Force, Navy and Marine personnel must meet the minimum physical fitness requirements for their branch of service, and provide an official record of their current physical fitness test to the course manager on the day of inprocessing.

** All Army students are required to pass their height and weight screening table or their allowable body fat percentage, IAW AR 600-9, before being enrolled in the course. NO EXCEPTIONS.**


References: DA PAM 351-4, US Army Formal Schools Catalog
Army Regulation 190-30, Military Police Investigations.

Class Schedules:

MPI 2000

MPI 09-00 06 Jun 00 – 02 Aug 00
MPI 10-00 27 Jun 00 – 23 Aug 00
MPI 11-00 18 Jul 00 – 13 Sep 00
MPI 12-00 08 Aug 00 – 04 Oct 00

MPI 2001

MPI 01-01 16 Oct 00 - 12 Dec 00
MPI 02-01 02 Jan 01 - 01 Mar 01
MPI 03-01 22 Jan 01 - 20 Mar 01
MPI 04-01 12 Feb 01 - 10 Apr 01
MPI 05-01 04 Mar 01 - 27 Apr 01
MPI 06-01 25 Mar 01 - 18 May 01
MPI 07-01 17 Apr 01 - 13 Jun 01
MPI 08-01 07 May 01 - 03 Jul 01
MPI 09-01 29 May 01 - 25 Jul 01
MPI 10-01 19 Jun 01 - 15 Au 01
MPI 11-01 10 Jul 01 - 05 Sep 01
MPI 12-01 31 Jul 01 - 26 Sep 01
MPI 13-01 26 Aug 01 - 23 Oct 01

Packing Lists:

     Military personnel attending the MPI Course need to have at least 3 complete sets of serviceable BDU’s, or appropriate duty uniforms for their branch of service. Army personnel need 2 complete sets of Summer PFU’s and 1 complete set of winter PFU’s. Air Force, Navy, and Marines bring your own physical fitness uniforms. All students need to have appropriate business casual wear (dress slacks, shirt with collar, jeans are unacceptable) for the interview and interrogations classes.  Army student’s need to bring their 201 files and promotion packets if TDY enroute to new duty station. All students will need a minimum of 20 sets of orders and ammendments on the day of inprocessing.


     While attending the MPI course, students are assigned to Co. C, 701st MP BN, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473. For information concerning travel or anything not covered here call DSN 676-7913 or COM (573) 596-0131, ext 3-7913.

Transportation Issues:

     If your POV is authorized on your orders, ensure that your orders state: "IN AND AROUND MILEAGE IS AUTHORIZED".  If you desire a rental car you must coordinate with your current command for approval and YOUR ORDERS MUST STATE: "RENTAL CAR IS AUTHORIZED".  There are shuttle buses available and taxi service for those students with no POV’s or rental cars.  Students may be billeted off post so it is encouraged for the command to authorize a rental vehicle.  Rental vehicle pricing can be obtained by calling (573) 329-6688. 

NOTE: The graduation ceremony ends at approximately 1100. All students must ensure that their departing flights are scheduled after 1500. This will allow a four hour period to arrive safely at either the St. Louis or Springfield airport. Do not make plans to leave earlier, you may end up missing your flight.

Billeting and Per Diem Issues:

     Billeting is scarce on Fort Leonard Wood. Billeting will accommodate as many students as possible before giving statements of non availability.  Billeting costs change frequently but are usually about $20 per day.  Per Diem for the Fort Leonard Wood area changes frequently as well and is usually $30 per day (including incidentals).  Check the Per Diem Committee HomePage at: http://www.dtic.mil/perdiem/ and call or email their listed POCs for exact dollar amounts.  Coordinate Per Diem issues with your unit prior to course attendance.

Where to Report:

     Incoming students will report to the Soldier Service Center (Bldg #470) for room assignments and a letter of instruction for the class inprocessing.


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